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All images downloaded as Zip files. 1000px - 2000px width (website, or WORD/PDF documents) - 4000+px width (print)

John Cracknell

  • Ref: Staff-001
  • Managing Director

Download 1000px width 63kb
Download 2286px width 390kb

Mike Donovan

  • Ref: Staff-002
  • International Sales Manager

Download 1000px width 70kb
Download 2000px width 240kb
Download 3600px width 633kb

Martin Reed
  • Ref: SB-003
  • Director of Manufacture & Customer Support

Download 1066px width 193kb

Mark Firth
  • Ref: SB-004
  • Director of Engineering

A larger image of Mark to be posted asap
Download 122px width 40kb


Kim Price
  • Ref: SB-005
  • Finance Director

Download 351px width 19kb


John Cracknell & James Sur (SOLVUS President, Korea)

  • Ref: SB-006

Download 1000px width 104kb
Download 2000px width 292kb
Download 4032px width 1.5mb

John Cracknell

  • Ref: Staff-006

Download 501px width 40kb