IBIS Smart-binder options - Automated stitch adjust system ASA-100 (Dynamic stitching)

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The ASA-100 system automatically adjusts the wire stitch to suit the thickness of each book being stitched. The wire staple will be the correct length, with the correct leg balance and the stitch head applies the correct pressure to the spine of the book (see below for tolerances). The thickness of the book will be a function of the number of sheets and the paper thickness. The system will be calibrated by the machine operator initially to suit the weight of the paper being run. The Smart-binder software will then provide a book thickness measurement to the ASA-100 control system prior to each book being stitched.


  • Stitch Heads: Hohner 52/8
  • Number of stitch heads per machine : Normally 2 (maximum 4)
  • Minimum book thickness: 2 sheets. Max book thickness 10mm
  • Wire spools: either 2.5Kg (machine mounted) or 15 Kg or 100Kg (floor mounted)
  • Wire thickness: 0.5 - 0.6mm diameter round wire
  • Speed: 7,000 cycles/hour
  • Auto stop-stitch facility : yes
  • Stitch quality: leg length and balance controlled within 0.5mm. Stitch pressure on spine to be controlled within 10% of optimum pressure.

ASA-100 Dynamic stitching system