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IBIS Smart-binder options - Book stacker BSS-11

BSS-11 book stacker allows non-stop Smart-binder operation without the need for the operator to continually have to remove books from the delivery conveyor.

BSS-11 book stacker: for in-line connection to the Smart-binder delivery conveyor

Books pass through the standard Smart-binder delivery conveyor into the BSS-11 stacker where they collect into horizontal piles up to 330mm (13” high). The number of books in each pile is selectable by the machine operator. A turntable in the stacker enables books within each pile to be stacked in batches with spines in each batch in the opposite direction to the spines in the next batch. This ensures pile stability by avoiding all the spines being on the same side.
Book piles are delivered onto a free running roller table where they accumulate until removed by the operator. In-line (or off-line) pile ‘banding is also available.

BSS-11 stacker description of operation

Individual booklets from the IBIS Smart-binder delivery conveyor are conveyed ‘spine leading’ by a positive-control belt system up an inclined infeed. The booklets collect on top of each other in the upper ‘bin’ up to a quantity selected during the set up (or automatically controlled by the bar code). When this upper stack is complete then it is released to fall down into the lower bin which is on a turntable. Booklets then continue stacking in the upper bin.
If stack compensation is required (for increased stack stability) then the turntable rotates 180 degrees between each drop from the upper bin. When the total stack height is reached in the lower bin (max 13”, 330mm) then the stack is ejected onto a free running delivery roller table.

Intelligent stacking

If intelligent stacking is needed then select the slightly more expensive stacker option BSS-10.

Booklet size To suit range of booklets capable of being produced by the IBIS Smart-binder
Maximum speed 12,000 booklets/hour (limited by the Smart-binder to 7,000 booklets/hour in 1-up mode)
Maximum stack height 330mm (13”)
Note: A lower-stacker height version, BSS-L-11, is also available (with a reduced booklet drop distance) and maximum stack height of 235mm (9.25”)
Upper bin maximum stack 127mm (5”)
Delivery table height 876mm (34.5”)
Air required 85 liters/min @ 5.5 bar (3 cfm @ 80 psi)
input voltage 400 V, 3 phase

Stack control and validation

Different levels of control are available. The BSS-11 stacker simply counts the books and creates stacks with a pre-determined number of booklets in each stack.
If the ‘intelligent stacking’ option is required (bar code on each book is read and the data in this code used to control the stacking process) then select the stacker model BSS-10 with option SBCR-100.

BSS-11 Technical Data