IBIS  CAL-101  datasheet

Cover Auto-loader

The optional CAL-101 Cover/Insert 'Auto-loader' increases the number of covers of inserts that may be loaded into the Smart-binder Cover/insert feeder from 20mm to 200mm pile height. This greatly extends the time between reloads and also improves the feed reliability.

F-100 buckle folder
F-100 buckle folder

The operator may load a large quantity of covers or insert sheets (up to 200mm pile height) into the CAL-101 Auto-loader. The sheets feed out automatically from the bottom of the Auto-loader in a 'shingled' stream. The pile height sensor automatically advances the CAL-101 Auto-loader friction belt when more sheets are needed in the feed hopper.

The pile height in the feed hopper remains at a constant low level, which improves feed reliability by avoiding excess pressure on the bottom cover when a new stack of covers is loaded. The Auto-loader may not be able to feed sheets with cut-out 'windows' (covers/sheets with windows should be loaded directly into the cover/insert feeder).