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IBIS Smart-binder options - Knife folder MS-45

The MS-45 knife folder is available to connect to the Smart-binder delivery conveyor.

The folder receives each booklet and knife folds it in the center. If ‘down folding’ then booklets are delivered to the left and if ‘up folding’ then booklets are delivered to the right (the fold unit can be rotated 180 degrees to allow either configuration).

Fold direction and heights

The MS-45 will be normally be set to do a ‘down fold’ and deliver to the left (note: if an up fold is preferred then the fold will deliver to the right which is not so convenient for the machine operator).

The infeed height to the knife-folder is about 810mm (requires the Smart-binder delivery conveyor to be raised slightly) and when ‘down folding’ the delivery conveyor height is 700mm.

MS-45 Basic Specifications (when connected to Smart-binder )

  • Booklet size before folding
  • Book Width : min: 120mm max 225mm
  • Spine length : min 210mm max 320 mm


  • Infeed height: 810mm
  • Outfeed height (assuming down fold): 700mm