IBIS Smart-binder options - Sheet pile loading trolley PLT-100

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The pile loading trolley PLT-100 pile loading trolley for Smart-binder pile feeders (SB-095 or SB-096) provides a fast and simple way to load large piles of sheets into the off-line Smart-binder sheet-feeder. Please note: The PLT-100 is not suitable for use with the combined inline and off-line operation pile feeder SB-097.

The PLT-100 trolley system reduces the pile reload time from about 2 minutes to about 35 secs and thereby increases the overall Smart-binder running efficiency by about 10%.

It is recommended that at least two loading trolleys are used per Smart-binder. Trolley #2 can be loaded with the next pile of printed sheets while Trolley #1 is engaged with the feeder and feeding sheets into the Smart-binder. If Trolley #2 is already loaded with the next sheet pile, this reduces the Smart-binder reload time to about 35 seconds.

Retro-fit of the PLT-100 pile loading trolley in the field is difficult, requiring modifications to the pile feeder. Please refer to IBIS.