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IBIS Smart-binder options - Additional sheet pile feeder SB-096

If running off-line fed from an SB-095 (or SB-097) sheet pile feeder a second side-fed SB-096 sheet pile feeder is available.

SB-096 sheet pile feeder

The SB-096 feeder may be loaded with piles of pre-collated sheets and optional loading trolley options PLT-100 and HPL-100 are available to assist loading The maximum pile height is approx 550mm (21.65") but actual pile heights depends on a number of factors including the amount of toner used (the top sheet must remain relatively flat).

The SB-096 feeder must be stopped to reload the pile. Allow about 5 mins to reload without using the optional loading trolley, or approx ½ min if using the loading trolley PLT-100. Each sheet should have a bar code printed on the edge.

When feeding sheets from the SB-096 then the feed rate is limited by the rate at which the sheets can change direction on the roller table.

Gaps will be created automatically in the stream of sheets fed from SB-095 to accommodate sheets fed from SB-096 and to give time for the SB-096 sheets to change direction on the roller table.

Sheet stock weights in the pile may vary by up to a factor of about 'two'. This mean for example that the pile may contain 160gsm covers mixed in with 80 gsm 'content' sheets. Greater stock weight variations may be possible but require testing to establish feed reliability.