Spine clamp kit B0000586

The Spine Clamp Kit B0000586 reduces book corner tearing when making very thick booklets. All saddle-stitcher side-knives normally result in some tearing of the corner of the book spine. This results from the fact that the V shaped spine is not supported well by upper clamps.

The clamp kit modification ensures that the V spine is better clamped to reduce spine corner tearing by the side knives. The standard modification kit is designed to suit A4 or USA 8 ½ x 11" finished book sizes only. For other sizes refer to IBIS.

With standard
side clamps
With special modified
clamp B0000586
Corner tearing
Reduced tearing
Special 'double' upper
clamp assembly (one for
each side knife)
Trimmer side knife
Special upper clamp gives
improved book spine clamping
Thick book spine (V-shape)