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Sprint-binder PB-600B

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  1. Up to 400 books/hour output rate

  2. 100% automated operation for minimum staffing requirement

  3. Can be fed directly from cut-sheet a digital printer for fully automated in-line operation, or from a sheet pile feeder, or hand fed (off-line operation)

  4. Can be supplied with folders and rotator to allow book format sizes to be changed automatically from book to book . This gives true ‘book of one’ production

  5. Book thickness may be varied automatically, from book to book

  6. High quality perfect bound books produced with spine glue and side glue

  7. Personalised book cover matching available

  8. Optional end sheet feeder and back lining (gauzing) applicator available to produce book blocks for hard cover ‘casing-in’

  9. Optional PUR gluing available

  10. Optional in-line book trimming available

  11. The machine is easy to operate, has good access and visibility of the paper path, and is easy and economical to maintain.