Saddle-binding Overview


The Smart-binder system folds sheets individually before collection together on the saddle, which results in excellent lay-flat even up to 200 pages.

The Smart-binder (more information HERE) may be supplied in-line with a digital cut-sheet printer (SB-1 model) or in-line with a digitally-printed CF paper web (SB-2, 3, 4 or 5) at speeds up to 180 metres/min (590 feet/min). Alternatively, it may be supplied in off-line form using an integrated sheet pile feeder which can be loaded with sheets from multiple digital printers

The Smart-binder models SB-1 and SB-2 produce wire stitched (stapled) booklets only up to 10mm (0.4") thick. The SB-1 is a lower speed version of the SB-2, for use in-line with slower speed digital printers. The Smart-binder model SB-3 includes IBIS's patented 'ISG' (Individual Sheet Gluing) technology. ISG replaces wire-staples with lines of cold-glue 'dots' between each sheet to produce more attractive, stronger, flatter and easier-to-recycle books.

For information about the SB-4 and SB-5 models, that add a 'perfect-binder' module to the Smart-binder, click HERE

  Video: In-line Smart-binder running at 140 metres/min web speed

Video: Off-line Smart-binder running from a sheet feeder at 7 sheets/sec

Video: SBS-100 sheet buffer module for Smart-binder in-line and near-line operation

Product Details

Additional Smart-binder videos available from the Download Page

The extended model SB-X allows production of A5 (or 5 ½ x 8 ½”) ‘portrait’ booklets 2-up, by increasing the maximum booklet spine length to 457mm.The extended model SB-W increases the maximum book width to 273 mm 10 ¾")

For the first time ever, both wire-stitched or glued books may now be produced from the same machine. In this way the Smart-binder provides a solution for multiple different book types and formats, with the option of a separately fed cover, sheet perforating, hole punching, loop stitching, etc.


Product Features

  - In-line connection with highest speed digital printers, or off-line operation from a high speed sheet feeder   - Bar code tracking of all sheets and auto-rejection of bad books, to ensure integrity. More info HERE  
  - Individual sheet folding for optimum thick-book quality   - Three-knife trimming with optional centre-knife  
  - Cover and Insert sheet feeding   - Heavy duty construction for 24 x 7 operation  
  - Unique and patented ISG cold glue binding available in place of wire stitching   - Easy-to-use touch-screen controls and comprehensive documentation in multi-languages  
  - Optional perfect binding available (models SB-4 and 5)   - Complete range of book format sizes  

Smart-binder SB-1 and SB-2

SB-1 and SB-2 Process Schematic   View an animated Process Schematic
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  • Dedicated high-quality saddle-stitching

  • 'On-the-run' re-loading of cover sheets

  • Simplified easy-to-use folder and sheet collector

  • Multiple cover or inserting feeding available

  • Upgradable ‘in the field’ to SB-3 or SB-4

  • Specifications, all products

Smart-binder SB3

SB-3 Process Schematic  

View an animated Process Schematic
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