Canon New Zealand Ltd - Customer Feedback

Canon New Zealand Ltd have had an IBIS service contract for the last two years.

Peter Brown (Customer Service):

We have have had an IBIS Smart-binding system under service contract for over two years. During this time, we have received excellent support and communication from IBIS for service and spare parts.

The IBIS Service team have been dedicated and responsive to our service requirements in New Zealand and there has been nothing that has been too much trouble for them to assist us. As an example, we had a component failure incident late last year on the SBS-100 Sheet Buffer which resulted in an outage for our customer. IBIS was able to supply us a replacement part, door to door within 24 hours. This was an outstanding response when freighting parts to New Zealand is taken into consideration and our customer was extremely impressed.

We have also received exemplary support and feedback from analysing log files for us to improve the customer experience regarding operating the Smart-binder.

Peter Brown