Customer Feedback

IBIS have installed over 160 book finishing solutions at over 100 customers at locations all around the world. Many of these customers have chosen, after a period of time, to purchase additional IBIS systems.
Here are a small selection of our customer endorsements:

R+V Insurance, Wiesbaden, Germany

Christoph Hees, Head of the Print Center for R + V said:

"We first took an IBIS in 2005 as part of a major rebranding exercise. This included improving the face of documents and policies to bring more worth and value for our customers. There were a lot of steps to reach this goal and the IBIS (Smart-binder SB-3 'Plus HS') has been an important component. It provides integrity and security through individual sheet gluing, which also looks much better than wire stapling. We are now able to produce good looking policies for our customers at high speed and with high value"."The new IBIS Smart-binder SB-3 'Plus HS' has enabled us to increase productivity by 30%, and further improve our ability to personalize our insurance policy documents. The original IBIS system had been working extremely well for seven years, so we knew we were taking no risk with a further investment in this world-leading technology, which also interfaces effectively with other machinery."




Mr Hees and the IBIS Smart-binder
Mr Hees, R+V Insurance, Germany



O'Neil Data Systems, Los Angeles

Steve Ellithorpe, Operations Manager, Los Angeles, states:

"We have built up years of experience in running four IBIS Smart-binders at our production site in LA. These machines proved to be solid performers and capable of operating at peak production rates over a long time periods. Our first thought, therefore, when setting up a new O'Neil facility in Plano, Texas was to look to IBIS for additional finishing equipment. We recently installed two additional Smart-binder systems in Plano which are now operational and contributing well to this large new production site.
We are pleased to have become one of the largest users of IBIS Smart-binders in the USA."



SB at O'Neil Data systems
Smart-binder installed at O'Neil Data, Dallas USA



Esser printSolutions, GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

Markus Esser

"We are constantly searching for new possibilities which our customers can profit from. One example is the manufacture of handbooks, brochures and product operation manuals with variable "On Demand" content. The first IBIS saddle-stitcher (Digi-stitcher) system was installed at Esser PS 13 years ago and was replaced with a Smart-binder about 9 years ago. These machines enabled us to fulfil our requirements in the optimum way. We have been pleased with the Smart-binder performance. To expand our digital finishing capabilities IBIS have now installed an additional IBIS ('re-manufactured') Smart-binder, the latest model 'Plus HS', which is fed from a Hunkeler unwinder, web cutter and MBO folder at web speeds up to 180 meters/min".
View a video HERE



Marcus Esser, Esser PrintSolutions, Germany
Marcus Esser and his
'remanufactured' Smart-binder



DST Output, Dagenham, London UK.

This East-London based print giant with five sites and a £140 million turnover

Tommy Morgan, ex Head of Operations

"Our new Smart-binder has already proven to be an effective high-speed saddle-stitcher for our personalised work and is better enabling us to meet our time-sensitive customer commitments for high quality bound documents".

Steve Ware, head of Digital Print

"It has been performing excellently, especially when you consider we run around 50,000 books a week on it. The SB-3 has ticked all the boxes for us."



Stave Ware, DST Output, London
Steve Ware with his
Smart-binder SB-2


Farmers Insurance, Los Angeles, USA

Herb Lamonda, OPC Director, states:

"The addition of three IBIS Smart-binder systems in-line with Océ web printers has greatly improved our look and feel of the insurance policy documents and the mailing of these to our customers. The change from a side-stitched document to a professional looking 3-side trimmed saddle-stitched booklet has significantly enhanced the professionalism of the end-product.

The booklet lay-flat from the Smart-binder greatly assists the insertion into envelopes. The Smart-binder has also enabled us to reduce paper weight which has resulted in a large postal cost saving to Farmers. During peak periods the three Smart-binders are used round the clock and their robust , heavy duty design lends itself well to our demanding performance requirements"



Smart-binder Plus HS, Farmers Insurance USA
Smart-binder 'Plus HS'



Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. NY, USA

Testimonial statement from Bill Gaddy (Senior Director, Production Engineering)

"The need to increase our booklet-making capabilities took us to the IBIS Bindery Systems factory outside London UK and also to printers who already use IBIS's unique 'Smart-binder' saddle-stitcher. We were impressed by the Smart-binder's durable construction, its innovative design features and the many performance improvements compared with IBIS's older model 'Digi-stitcher'. As a result of this we purchased last year two new off-line IBIS Smart-binder systems which IBIS installed at our facility in Long Island, NY. Both machines are fed from IBIS high-pile sheet feeder. One was fitted with an in-line Knife folder and Tabbing system, and the second line directly feeds a CMC Inserter and enveloping system. IBIS customized both machines to meet our specific needs relating to our direct mail applications.
Our new Smart-binders give us some unique benefits compared with other more conventional saddle-stitchers. The fold quality is second-to-none because the Smart-binder individually folds each sheet, instead of folding 'groups' of sheets as our other stitchers do. That means that the finished booklets lie flatter and are easier to insert into an envelope. IBIS's 'patented' ISG cold glue binding option replaces the need for wire stitching. This provides numerous benefits, in addition to helping the booklets lie even flatter and giving a stronger bind. ISG cold gluing allows the book thickness to vary from minimum to maximum on-the-run and has a much lower maintenance cost compared with wire stitching.
For short run jobs, and particularly when making books of one, book thickness must vary continually on-the-run. The IBIS Smart-binder is designed very much with this in mind by reading a bar code on each sheet and then tracking sheets and booklets through the machine. The Smart-binder trimmer is capable of handling all book thicknesses without needed any adjustment and so is ideal for our VDP workflow. Other saddle-stitchers available in the marketplace require to be stopped for adjustment if the booklet thickness changes by more than a few sheets.
A further advantage of the Smart-binder is its ability to stop and restart without losing any booklets that are in the machine. This is essential for individually-personalized booklets which have to be reprinted if rejected. Other saddle-stitchers purge themselves automatically and can reject quite a large number of booklets on restart which makes them unsuitable for personalized booklet production.
Overall the Smart-binders perform well. We will certainly look to IBIS when we require further finishing solutions in future."


Bill Gaddy, Broadridge Financial Solutions, USA
Bill Gaddy

Maqprint, France

In their print factory close to Limoges, France Maqprint use a unique system using a Smart-binder to produce stitched and trimmed booklets from rolls printed on an HP web printer.

Testimonial statement from Mr Philippe Sans, the owner of Maqprint

"When we explained to IBIS what we needed, they constructed a customized finishing system for us. “The system runs very reliably and is a key component in enabling us to meet our customer’s requirements”

View a video of Maqprint's Smart-binder in operation HERE



Mr Phillipe Sans, Maqprint, France
Mr Phillipe Sans and the IBIS Smart-binder at Maqprint


Liturgical Publications

LPi is the largest printer-supplier of weekly church bulletins in the US and now owns five IBIS Smart-binders

Ken Shanovich, Director of Operations, LPi says:

"The IBIS Smart-binder system has been a solid step forward in our finishing department. We have reduced errors, increased throughput and significantly reduced shipping costs. IBIS also has a highly effective installation and training program that reduced our ramp up time."




Smart-binder at Liturgical Pulbications, US
One of three IBIS Smart-binder Plus HS VDP saddle stitchers cranking out LPi's church bulletins


John Patrick, USA

IBIS has installed a Smart-binder SB-3 'Plus HS' at John Patrick Publishing Company (JPPC) in Trenton, New Jersey, USA.

John Hartmann, CEO John Patrick Publishing Co says:

"We recently installed a Smart-binder system at our plant in Trenton NJ for the on-demand production of Church bulletins, containing typically 8 - 16 pages. Paper rolls printed on our HP web printer(s) and unwound and cut into sheets by a Tecnau web cutter from where the sheets flow directly into the Smart-binder." "The Smart-binder is a heavy duty, fast saddle-stitcher which allows for frequent changes in booklet pagination and is well suited to meeting the requirement for on-time delivery of our short-run Bulletin documents."




John Hartmann, CEO John Patrick Publishing, USA
John Hartmann, CEO
John Patrick Publishing


AMF Impresion Variable S, Chile

AMF have purchased an IBIS Smart-binder SB-3 fed from a high pile sheet feeder to product examination booklets. It was installed during the summer 2016.

AMF's Operations manager, Rodrigo Santelices, says:

"Our new off-line IBIS Smart-binder system is fed with piles of printed 4pp sheets which it feeds at high speeds. It produces for us high quality stitched and 3-side trimmed 8 ½ x 11" examination booklets containing a variable number of pages. We also have the option of IBIS's patented ISG cold glue binding system on this machine. This provides a unique new alternative to conventional wire stitching.The Smart-binder is a very heavy-duty and reliable system that is already performing well for us."




Rodrigo Santelices, AMF Impresion Variable S, Chile
Rodrigo Santelices and the Smart-binder at AMF


Colourtech Printing, Bapsfontein, South Africa

Colourtech Printing purchased a new Smart-binder Dec 2016.
Mrs. Sonja Groenewald, CEO and Ettiene Groenewald, Head of Department, Inkjet Printings give their feedback:

"We bought our IBIS (Smart-binder) at the end of 2016 and started receiving training on it in the beginning of 2017.

All in all the IBIS is a very good machine, usually the more you give it the better it performs in terms of running thousands of books through it 24 hours a day without a hitch. Sometimes problems do pop up, but with all the technical knowledge we have gathered on the machine it can be resolved quickly. Maintaining the machine is also relatively easy.

I'm not aware that we have ordered any parts for the IBIS, (but) we do however have lots of spares that came with the machine. To my knowledge, we have only contacted Ipex (Ipex are the local sales agent) twice for help with the IBIS.

I like the fact that we can do about 80,000 4 sheet booklets in 24 hours with it, unfortunately the time it takes to fine tune it to run at that speed is quite troublesome.

In my personal experience, I would never sell this machine....ever....
If workload increased to such an extent that we need (to purchase) a second IBIS, then it would be nice, depending on cost.

(In summary) the IBIS Smart-binder is a brilliant machine. Throwing large volumes of work at it, usually eats it up as quickly as you can give it. That being said, one needs proper knowledge of the machine to run it at the speeds which our company requires. Working knowledge of the process required to run smoothly cannot be given at training, (but) working with the machine everyday has given me the knowledge I have today in order to keep it going as fast and as efficient as it can go.

In short, it's an awesome piece of equipment, but one requires extensive knowledge to run it to its full capacity."



Colourtech Management and representatives from Ipex Machinery

Canon New Zealand Ltd

Canon New Zealand Ltd have had an IBIS service contract for the last two years.
Canon New Zealand, Customer Service, Peter Brown, states:

"We have have had an IBIS Smart-binding system under service contract for over two years. During this time, we have received excellent support and communication from IBIS for service and spare parts.  The IBIS Service team have been dedicated and responsive to our service requirements in New Zealand and there has been nothing that has been too much trouble for them to assist us. As an example, we had a component failure incident late last year on the SBS-100 Sheet Buffer which resulted in an outage for our customer. IBIS was able to supply us a replacement part, door to door within 24 hours. This was an outstanding response when freighting parts to New Zealand is taken into consideration and our customer was extremely impressed. We have also received exemplary support and feedback from analysing log files for us to improve the customer experience regarding operating the Smart-binder."