Esser printSolutions, GmbH, Kalsruhe, Germany - Customer Feedback

Markus Esser

We are constantly searching for new possibilities which our customers can profit from. One example is the manufacture of handbooks, brochures and product operation manuals with variable "On Demand" content. The first IBIS saddle-stitcher (Digi-stitcher) system was installed at Esser PS 13 years ago and was replaced with a Smart-binder about 9 years ago. These machines enabled us to fulfil our requirements in the optimum way. We have been pleased with the Smart-binder performance. To expand our digital finishing capabilities IBIS have now installed an additional IBIS ('re-manufactured') Smart-binder, the latest model 'Plus HS', which is fed from a Hunkeler unwinder, web cutter and MBO folder at web speeds up to 180 meters/min.

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Marcus Esser, Esser PrintSolutions, Germany
Marcus Esser and his
'remanufactured' Smart-binder