R+V Insurance, Wiesbaden, Germany - Customer Feedback

Mr Thomas Wenske, Head of the Print Center for R + V:

We acquired one of the first Smart-binder SB-3s built by IBIS in 2005 as part of a major rebranding exercise. This included improving the face of documents and policies to bring more worth and value for our customers. There were a lot of steps to reach this goal and the IBIS was an important component. It provides integrity and security through individual sheet gluing, which also looks much better than wire stapling and provides a flatter booklet which is easier to insert into an envelope. We are able to produce good looking insurance policies for our customers at high speed and with high value.

The original IBIS Smart-binder worked extremely well, enabling us to increase productivity by 30%, and further improve our ability to personalize our insurance policy documents. Since we were confident to invest again in this world-leading IBIS technology, we installed a further new Smart-binder in 2013 and another new Smart-binder again this summer 2022.


Mr Hees and the IBIS Smart-binder
Mr Thomas Wenske, R+V Insurance, Germany