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  Produce News Bulletins using the IBIS Smart-binder

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The Smart-binder is frequently used to produce news bulletins for distribution at regular intervals:

Typical news bulletin production lines

Inline Nearline and Offline production of ECL Booklets
Digital print engines
IBIS Smart-binder
Sheet pile feeder
IBIS Smart-binder

IBIS Smart-binders are used for news bulletin production for the following reasons:

1/ Production time sensitivity

Bulletins, such as those handed out to a church congregation every Sunday, must be printed, finished and distributed very quickly after the print files are created. This speed requirement ideally suits digital printing in combination with an in-line, or near line IBIS Smart-binder to convert printed sheets into finished booklets.

Inline Nearline and Offline production of ECL Booklets

2/ Reliable operation with minimum maintenance and 24/7 operation

Because bulletins must often be produced to a certain time deadline, it is important that the equipment producing these can run reliably around the clock with minimum downtime for repair or maintenance. The Smart-binder ideally suits this type of production requirement.

3/ Ability to change the number of pages on-the-run

Although production volumes may be high, jobs may need to change frequently. The Smart-binder allows the number of pages to change between one job and the next without stopping, under bar-code control.

Inline Nearline and Offline production of News Bulletins
Bulletin output
Printed Sheet entry
IBIS Smart-binder 'Plus HS'

View the IBIS Smart-binder system in operation

Example Customer Installations in the USA

The following customers are using the IBIS Smart-binder to produce weekly News Bulletins that are distributed to church congregations every Sunday.

1: Company XYZ (name withheld for confidentiality reasons)

This customer has installed 9 IBIS Smart-binders over the last 10 years at different locations throughout the USA in order to produce weekly 8 1/2 x 11" Church Bulletins. These machines are each fed from a Tecnau roll unwinder and web cutter. Some of these SBs include dynamic perforation to allow for sheet tear-out.

View the IBIS Smart-binder system fed from a Tecnau/Lasermax unwinder and web-cutter producing Church Bulletins in operation

2: Trinity USA

During the last year Trinity have installed multiple Smart-binders at different sites in the USA to produce Church Bulletins. Some of these machines were supplied by IBIS/Best Graphics as ‘used/refurbished’.

3: Bon Venture USA

Bon Venture installed one IBIS Smart-binder in 2019 to produce Church Bulletins. This machine is fed from a Tecnau roll unwinder and web cutter.


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