Integrated Bindery Systems

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IBIS Smart-binder Videos

In-line Videos

Smart-binder SB-2 producing 16pp A4 exam test booklets in-line with Canon Colorstream 6000 series printer at 100 metres/min web speed
Smart-binder running in-line with a digital web printer (including insert feeder, SB-097 feeder and SBS-100 sheet buffer)
Smart-binder SB-3 running in line with Tecnau cutter and Canon ProStream 1000 series inkjet web press

Near-line Videos

Smart-binder running 65 gsm paper near-line from a roll-unwinder, via the optional F-100 folder at 150 meters/min web speed
Smart-binder SB-2 fed from Tecnau/Lasermax unwinder & web-cutter at LPi, New Berlin, USA
Smart-binder producing 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" booklets from an 18" web

Off-line Videos

Smart-binder running off-line from a sheet pile feeder
Smart-binder SB-3 running from SB-097 sheet pile feeder at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2017