Compelling reasons why our customers choose our Smart-binder

Smart-binder 'PLUS HS' system

  1. IBIS Smart-binder PLUSA True 24/7 Production System for maximum 'up-time':

    With over 160 systems installed world-wide, the Smart-binder has repeatedly proven itself to be a true 24/7 reliable, heavy-duty production system and is the most commonly used finishing system for high-speed digital web printers.
    Many SB systems run continuously in 3-shift operation over many years and produce millions of booklets every month. No other digital saddle-stitcher has a comparable record of accomplishment.
  2. Integrated Sheet and Book Tracking to ensure book integrity:

    The Smart-binder was designed from the start to incorporate sophisticated data tracking for personalized booklets. The Smart-binder's integrated system of sensors and software permits 100% accurate tracking of each sheet and booklet (competitive systems use 3rd-party tracking systems). Incomplete booklets are automatically rejected. Separately fed covers may be checked to ensure matching with inside sheets.
    A detailed log file is created as the machine runs from which individual booklet data can be extracted. This is critical in production environments where each document must be tracked and accounted for.
  3. Guaranteed Book Quality:

    The Smart-binder processes and folds each sheet individually (instead of in batches as with competitive systems) which ensures optimum possible book fold quality and lay-flat even when making books up to 8-10mm thick. The Smart-binder trimmer cuts all three edges for an optimum finish and a unique, patented device minimizes book corner tearing when trimming maximum thickness.
  4. Bind-on-demand for book-by-book personalization, or short job runs:

    Because the Smart-binder was designed to finishing digitally printed sheets, it incorporates the unique ability to vary book thickness on-the-run without any adjustment needed. The trimmer uses gravity-registration to allow is to process books with a constantly changing thickness. In combination with integrated sheet and book tracking this makes the Smart-binder a true bind-on-demand system.
  5. Multiple Configurations:

    The Smart-binder offers the greatest variety of possible system configurations. The SB-2 is for wire saddle stitching only. The SB-3 provides also ISG cold gluing. The SB-4 and SB-5 systems offer both saddle-stitching and fully automated In-line perfect binding.
    Every Smart-binder system may be configured to operate either in-line with the printer, near line from a roll unwinder/sheeter or off-line from a sheet pile feeder. It is also possible to configure an SB system to operate both in-line and off-line.
  6. Enhanced Production Speeds give more booklets each shift:

    The Smart-binder ‘Plus HS’ can cycle produce booklets at speeds up to 7,000 booklets per hour (14,000 in 2-up mode). It can run at web speeds up to 130-150 meters/min (426-450 feet/min), or 200 meters/min (650 feet/min) with an extra buckle folder.
  7. Unique ISG cold-glue binding for enhanced book quality:

    Smart-binder models SB-3, SB-4 and SB-5 include IBIS unique and patented ISG cold glue binding option (which applies a line of cold glue dots to the fold on each sheet). Cold-glued books are stronger and lay flatter compared with wire-stapled books. Quick changeover is available between stapling and gluing. See attached data sheet for more details and full list of benefits.
  8. Customization to give you competitive advantage:

    The SB can be customized for a large variety of applications. We have connected with envelope inserters, stackers, folders, in-line booklet drills, knife folders, amongst many other options. Additional modules can be added directly to the Smart-binder, including sheet pile feeders, cover and insert feeders, in-line cover gate-folding, pile loading trolleys, trimmer center-knife, card and reply envelope tipping, dynamic sheet perforation, hole punching and much more.
    IBIS specialize in creating customized systems to meet each individual customer's needs. This may require adapting and interfacing modules from other vendors and/or designing unique equipment solutions. We have many hundreds of man-years experience in putting together 'tailored' finishing systems.
  9. Ease of use and maintenance:

    The machine is easy to operate, has good access and visibility of the paper path, and is easy and economical to maintain.