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IBIS Smart-binder options - Sheet pile feeder SB-097

The in-line Sheet feeder (option SB-097) is available to allow a Smart-binder which is fed from a web-cutter to also be fed from piles of cut-sheets which are loaded into the feeder.

In-line operating mode

To run in-line, the ‘Lift Table and Bridge conveyor’ is raised to its highest position, as shown below. The bridge conveyor, which is integral with the lift table, then transports sheets from the upstream web-cutter through the sheet feeder to the Smart-binder infeed.

SB-097 in its upper position, to run in-line

Off-line sheet feed mode

When running ‘off-line’ the ‘lift table and bridge conveyor’ is lowered and bar-coded sheets are loaded onto the bridge conveyor, as shown below. The feeder then feeds sheets one by one off the top of the pile into the Smart-binder at rates up to 400 sheets/min.

SB-097 in its lower position, to run off-line

View a short video of the SB-097 feeder HERE


The changeover between in-line and off-line operation is less than one minute. The feeder must be stopped for some minutes to reload the pile, but this pile reload time can be reduced if using the optional HPL-100 handling trolley system.

Each printed sheet must have a bar code, or Datamatrix code, printed on it to allow the Smart-binder to control booklet integrity.

The length of the SB-097 feeder is 1230mm.

The feeder requires a 10A 3-phase power supply.

The height of the bride conveyor can be varied between 925mm and 1100mm (by raising or lowering the complete feeder).


SB-097 maximum and minimum sheet sizes

Sheet length
Maximum 760 mm
Minimum 192 mm
Sheet width
Maximum 500 mm
Minimum 100 mm

(Note: These sizes are outside the normal range of sheets that the Smart-binder is able to process.)