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IBIS Smart-binder options - Rotator/Folder RF-100

The RF100 Rotator/Folder is used with the Smart-binder to make smaller format books from a normal width (440 - 460mm) web, in-line with a web printer. This allows the normal ‘wide’ web to be used when making small format booklets, instead of having to change to a ‘narrow’ paper web.

RF-100 rotator/folder unit positioned before the SB infeed

For example: to produce A5 booklets, print oversize A3 sheets with 8 pages on each sheet. These sheets will be delivered long-edge leading. The rotator folder then rotates each sheet by 90 degrees to short-edge leading. Each sheet is then folded in half to give an oversize A4 section with the folded edge leading. The folded sections are then fed into the Smart-binder, and processed normally.

Since sheets are folded into sections before entering the Smart-binder, and books can only be made from whole sections (8-pages per section), it is only possible to make books with pages in multiples of 8-pages, instead of the normal 4-page increments.

Folded sections are more bulky than flat sheets, so this technique may also reduce the maximum number of pages in the book..

Sheet flow through the F-100 rotator/folder

Both the rotating and folding processes may be deactivated when it is required to pass sheets through the RF-100 without rotating or folding.

The RF-100 folder may be fitted with optional anti-static bars to reduce the static charge on the sheets delivered to the Smart-binder.

When using ISG gluing together with pre-folded sheets, then a second cold-gluing nozzle must also be installed in the folder (to place a line of glue inside the folded sheet). See option FGS-100.

It is not recommended to use the RF-100 for sheet rotation if the sheet weight is less than 60 gsm, or if sheet input rate is higher than (approx) 300 sheets/min. The RF-100 may be used at higher speeds when not rotating. For example, the RF-100 may be used without rotation to buckle fold each sheet and thereby increase the maximum web speed to approx. 180 -200 meters/min.